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Lipstick On A Monster – Comment on This NHS U-turn was a fake by Jacqueline Davis and Nursing Times Poll Results

7 Jul

The BMA has twice voted for the bill to be scrapped, and a British Medical Journal poll this week showed 93% calling for its withdrawal. Today the heart tsar, Sir Roger Boyle, resigned, saying: “I feel in my bones the current changes are not correct and ministers were not prepared to change them substantially.” How much more proof is needed that nothing significant has changed? The BMJ christened the bill “Lansleys monster” when it first appeared. The politicians took it away, slapped on some lipstick and asked us to embrace it. A monster with lipstick is still a monster. It needs to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

via This NHS U-turn was a fake | Jacqueline Davis | Comment is free | The Guardian.

For people interested in the NHS Reforms (ie. anyone who has ever received or is interesting in receiving public healthcare) this pretty good gaurdian article by Jacqueline Davis reports a few interesting things, and is a good read.

In brief:

  • All the mechanisms for privatization of the NHS are still in place
  • Many trusts will be tempted to boost private income at the expense of public patients
  • The proposed reduction in bureaucracy and putting the power into the hands of GPs in reality means increased bureaucracy (various monitors, consortia, groups and organizations are no proposed) and GPs subordinate to commercial companies
  • A Poll by the BMJ has received a 93% vote that even despite changes (or perhaps because of) the health and social care bill should be scrapped.
  • “The secretary of state’s “duty to provide” comprehensive health care is now so obscure that teams of lawyers are working their way through the legalese in an attempt to understand it”

On top of that the Nursing Times this week released the results of their own poll questioning “Do changes to the health bill go far enough to safeguard the NHS?”

The results were 100% no, displaying that readers of the Nursing Times unanimously have absolutely no faith in the health and social care bill and the changes which the government has been making to it.

In conclusion, doctors don’t like it, nurses don’t like it, it would appear many patients don’t like, hell even most politicians don’t even like it but a couple of politicians love it and so do private companies.

I’m still not too keen.


Bury the bill — Delamothe et al. 342 — bmj.com

28 Jun

Only a handful of companies in the world exceed the £100bn turnover of the English NHS; none would have embarked on change in this harebrained fashion. This is the take home message for the next government that spots a once in a generation opportunity to reform the NHS.

via Bury the bill — Delamothe et al. 342 — bmj.com.

How Can Further Measles Outbreaks Be Prevented And The Decline In Vaccination Reversed? – Confirmed measles cases in US tops 150 + Outbreak in Wales.

22 Jun

“The leaders of the antivaccination movement say they speak out because they care about the children. When I see stories like these, from parents who are destroyed by the loss or serious illness of the children, I question those antivaccination advocates. And we know that when trying to sway opinion, just stating facts rarely works against antiscience claims like those of antivaxxers. I’m hoping that more parents see stories like the ones at Shot by Shot. We have the facts on our side, but we also need to touch these parents’ hearts before they’ll see the truth.”

Phil Plait

via Confirmed measles cases in US tops 150 | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine.

This Phil Plait article and the USA Today article it mentions are recommended reading to anyone concerned about public health right now and for the future.

I haven’t fully explored this issue yet but it seems to me that doctors, nurses, health professionals, the media and governing bodies are not doing enough to ensure that parents are given a complete and fully informed choice. Which may mean that parents are not giving valid reasons for not vaccinating their children. Continue reading

BBC News – Cameron outlines changes to NHS reforms after criticism

7 Jun

Good news on the reforms! Finally! But is it too good to be true? Lets hope not.

He said the NHS would remain a universal service, changes would improve “efficient and integrated care”, hospital waiting times would be “kept low”, NHS budgets would increase every year and there would be no privatisation nor cherry-picking by private providers.

“There can be no compromise on this. It is what patients expect. It is what doctors and nurses want. And it is what this government is determined to deliver.”

via BBC News – Cameron outlines changes to NHS reforms after criticism.

Nurse consortia role must be ‘enshrined in law’ | News | Nursing Times

6 Jun

More condemnation for the NHS Reforms.

In its response to the government’s “listening exercise” on amendments to the troubled legislation, Royal College of Nursing general secretary and chief executive Peter Carter said the bill needed “significant amendments”, rather than “minor and superficial” changes.

via Nurse consortia role must be ‘enshrined in law’ | News | Nursing Times.

Unison’s head of health calls for the bill to be scrapped altogether and the Royal College of Midwives general secretary describes it as reckless and poorly thought through.

Lansley responds to no confidence vote by claiming RCN supported health bill | News | Nursing Times

16 May

A 99% vote of no confidence from nurses and Andrew Lansley goes ahead and claims nurses support his health bill. Typical Con-Dem coalition. Typical Lansley.

“Chair of the RCN congress Rod Thomson also responded saying: “That’s an interesting form of listening from the secretary of state for health. I’m sure if he is not listening there will be other members of the government who are listening, including his boss because your message this morning was clear and unqualified.”

Lansley responds to no confidence vote by claiming RCN supported health bill | News | Nursing Times.