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How Can Further Measles Outbreaks Be Prevented And The Decline In Vaccination Reversed? – Confirmed measles cases in US tops 150 + Outbreak in Wales.

22 Jun

“The leaders of the antivaccination movement say they speak out because they care about the children. When I see stories like these, from parents who are destroyed by the loss or serious illness of the children, I question those antivaccination advocates. And we know that when trying to sway opinion, just stating facts rarely works against antiscience claims like those of antivaxxers. I’m hoping that more parents see stories like the ones at Shot by Shot. We have the facts on our side, but we also need to touch these parents’ hearts before they’ll see the truth.”

Phil Plait

via Confirmed measles cases in US tops 150 | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine.

This Phil Plait article and the USA Today article it mentions are recommended reading to anyone concerned about public health right now and for the future.

I haven’t fully explored this issue yet but it seems to me that doctors, nurses, health professionals, the media and governing bodies are not doing enough to ensure that parents are given a complete and fully informed choice. Which may mean that parents are not giving valid reasons for not vaccinating their children. Continue reading