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A Letter To Gov. Rick Perry Regarding The Burzynski Clinic

5 Dec

A quack website the Alliance Of Natural Health is sending letters to a whole bunch of people to stop them revoking Burzynski’s medical licence. I recommend everyone (US Citizens) send this ‘personalised’ version of their message that I made when I edited their form. I sent it anyway. They’ll love the support and encouragement for their good work.

Look at who it goes to! Gov. Rick Perry and all…


  • Representative Lois W. Kolkhorst
  • Representative Vicki Truitt
  • Representative John Zerwas
  • Representative Carol Alvarado
  • Senator Bob Deuell
  • Representative Veronica Gonzales
  • Senator Jose Rodriguez
  • Senator Dan Patrick
  • Governor Rick Perry
  • Representative Sarah Davis
  • Representative Garnet F. Coleman
  • Representative Jodie Laubenberg
  • Senator Joan Huffman
  • Senator Jane Gray Nelson
  • Representative Charles Schwertner
  • Representative Elliott Naishtat
  • Representative Susan King
  • Senator Robert Nichols

Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD (if he ever says where he got this Phd from), has been unsuccessfully treating deadly cancers with a useless, urine derived peptide which is far too large to be at all gene-targeted but is advertised as such anyway. This is usually added to conventional chemotherapy medications but at a 1253% increase in price, and passed off as his own treatment, with no mention that it’s conventional chemotherapy or that he owns the pharmacy that sells the treatment (no declaration of interest) or that it can be bought far cheaper elsewhere — a treatment not currently practiced anywhere in the world except for his Houston clinic.

From 1986 to 1996 the Texas Medical Board launched an unsuccessful campaign to revoke Dr. Burzynski’s license. Now the Texas Medical Board is making another attempt at shutting this practice down, a practice that has promised and failed to cure countless terminal cancer patients–and given those who could not be saved false hope, as well as shorter and lower quality of life, instead of letting patients enjoy time with their families, Burzynski gets them to apply to his ‘clinical trials’, flying them in from across the world, wasting the last weeks, months, or days of their lives undergoing a useless and unproven (practically disproven) treatment. They also have to spend their entire life savings to enrol in these clinical trials. A highly unethical procedure. Using the death of practically 100% of his patients as a pretext, the TMB is charging Dr. Burzynski with the off-label use of FDA-approved drugs.

This treatment is unacceptable. The citizens of Texas — not to mention the rest of the country (and the world) need to be protected from the fraud, extortion and illegal practices of this charlatan.

If the TMB has its way, it will set the “war on cancer” forward three hundred years in terms of important research and progress. Governor Rick Perry personally appointed the heads of the Texas Medical Board, and I urge both the Office of the Governor and the Senate and House committees who have oversight of the TMB to investigate the unfounded treatment Dr. Burzynski practices, and the absurd ‘clinical trials’ he claims to run. It is pleasing that Burzynski should go on trial, but if this can be moved forward please do so, it is painful to know that so many new patients could be conned whilst waiting for the trial that is scheduled to be held in a few months. Please urge the Texas Medical Board to end this pseudoscientific, harmful and dangerous practice now.

Once you review this case for yourselves, I am confident you will find that the TMB does have a legitimate case and Burzynski is abusing his position as a doctor and researcher, whilst exploiting FDA loopholes. In the past 30+ years there has been absolutely no evidence that Burzynski’s regimen has successfully treated a single patient with any type of cancer.

Think of the lives it could save to shut this quack down!

This doctor is practicing entirely outside of the law. He is a useless researcher. His treatments are highly toxic, regularly causing brain swelling and other side effects. He has a much lower success rate than conventional medicines. Please exercise your oversight and make sure his work is NOT allowed to continue any longer.


How Can Further Measles Outbreaks Be Prevented And The Decline In Vaccination Reversed? – Confirmed measles cases in US tops 150 + Outbreak in Wales.

22 Jun

“The leaders of the antivaccination movement say they speak out because they care about the children. When I see stories like these, from parents who are destroyed by the loss or serious illness of the children, I question those antivaccination advocates. And we know that when trying to sway opinion, just stating facts rarely works against antiscience claims like those of antivaxxers. I’m hoping that more parents see stories like the ones at Shot by Shot. We have the facts on our side, but we also need to touch these parents’ hearts before they’ll see the truth.”

Phil Plait

via Confirmed measles cases in US tops 150 | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine.

This Phil Plait article and the USA Today article it mentions are recommended reading to anyone concerned about public health right now and for the future.

I haven’t fully explored this issue yet but it seems to me that doctors, nurses, health professionals, the media and governing bodies are not doing enough to ensure that parents are given a complete and fully informed choice. Which may mean that parents are not giving valid reasons for not vaccinating their children. Continue reading