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For Burzynski, Cancer Is Big Business

29 Nov

Cancer Is Big Business At The Burzynski Clinic

Who is Dr (for now) Burzynski and why should I care?

What do Radiohead, Peter Kay and Badly Drawn Boy all have in common?

The Billie Butterfly Fund.

Radiohead are auctioning a guitar, Peter Kay and Badly Drawn Boy are performing live shows and donating the proceedings to the Billie Butterfly Fund.

It’s a moving story, Billie is a four year old girl with an inoperable brain stem tumor. Chemotherapy only offers some respite but the family have found another way…

Or so they believe.

For just £200,000 Billie will be allowed to enrol on a ‘clinical trial’ of antineoplastons at The Burzysnki Clinic. This may cure Billie for good, they believe. In the observer

(“The worst year of my life: cancer has my family in its grip | From the Observer | The Observer,” Bainbridge, 2011) Luke Bainbridge (Billie’s uncle) writes “Is it impossible for her to survive? No, as it turns out. Sam and Terri very quickly found out about a pioneering treatment at the Burzynski Clinic in Texas for children with DIPG. The estimated cost is £200,000.”

However, not all is as it seems.

So why does this matter?

For a start, if Burzynski can cure cancer then he deserves a noble prize. He is also professionally and ethically obliged to publish his results, demonstrating that he can cure, for the greater good of humanity and society.

If Burzysnki cannot cure cancer then he is ethically obliged to release the results of his clinical trials, so that we can make a firm conclusion that antineoplastons are not effective against cancer. This would enable researchers and patients to focus their energy, time and money elsewhere. As you’ll see Burzynski’s treatment is not cheap, if it’s also useless then Burzynski is doing nothing more than praying on the desperate, ill and vulnerable in society and selling them false hope in return. If Burzynski’s treatment doesn’t work then there is no need for Burzynski to continue running ‘clinical trials’ to find out.

Before we delve into Burzynski’s research lets first look at the other public campaigns to raise money to get people this treatment and how they turned out.

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