BBC News – Nick Clegg to oppose NHS competition regulator

18 May

Good news. Clegg is attempting to save the NHS…and the Lib Dems as well of course. It’s good to see him actually standup for his own policy for once. It may or may not pave the way to Lib Dems getting a second chance…the most important thing is that he has recognized a problem with the reforms. Various problems have already been published in the very prestigious British Medical Journal, with bodies such as The British Medical Association, The Royal College of Nursing,  The Royal College of Physicians and The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy making their concerns heard.

The Lib Dems’ policy document, which Mr Clegg signed, is specific.

It says: “We cannot treat the NHS as if it were a utility, and the decision to establish Monitor as an “economic regulator” was clearly a misjudgement, failing to recognise all the unique characteristics of a public health service, and opening us up to accusations that we are trying to subject the NHS to the full rigours of UK and EU competition law.

“I have come to the conclusion that we must not make this change.”

via BBC News – Nick Clegg to oppose NHS competition regulator.

When the government first proposed the NHS reforms they said that the health professionals would know best how to run the NHS. I feel that in those statements they admitted that they lacked the knowledge necessary to interfere in how the NHS is run without the consent of health professionals. I agree, the government is correct that the greatest authority on how to run the NHS is the health professionals and not any particular political party or policy maker. This means that I agree with the concerns which a great deal of health professionals have raised over this bill. In conclusion, currently the most sensible stance to take appears to be that the NHS reforms are not currently acceptable and at the very least are in need of a lot of work.

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